Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I NEED Trash, Lots of It

We are bringing back some PNG trash, but there isn't a whole lot of it around here, and I only get so much weight in my luggage. There is also customs to be concerned with.

Please help me by starting to collect cool trash when you are out paddling. It must be trash you find on the beach or in the water.

For now just collect it. I'll come and get it all, or arrange for pickup. I'm trying to work out some drop off locations. I'll get back to you.

For the Bodies:
-Clothes - The bodies have to be made of clothes. Pretty much anything will do.
-Shoes - Bodies will look more lifelike with shoes. Flip Flops, Boots you name it. I don't need a matched set! odd shoes will be more fun.
-Gloves - This will make the hands more life like.
-Head Things - Lobster Floats, Basket Ball, Anything with a Face.
-Accessories - Something to put in the hand a briefcase, handbag, a dead fish, hypodermic needle etc.
-Hair Material - Anything fuzzy. Carpet, Wigs, Cheerleader Pom Poms, Rope, Cord.

For the Sculpture Component:
Sky is pretty much the limit here, just anything funky, and not too nasty. We plan to do large and small works, so this is another case of size does not matter.

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