Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letters to Friends About Project

I sent the following out.

If I forgot to send it to you its because I don't have your email don't get offended. If you know me this applies to you!!!

Hi guys,

Kate and I will be back in town for most of June. I hope to see all of you then, and I want to ask you to help me with a little project I cooked-up for the Figment festival on Governor’s Island.

As many of you know I am interested, some would say obsessed, with trash, especially trash I find when I am out kayaking.

I had an idea to do a project at Figment where I put a bunch of bodies floating in the water around Governor’s Island. Kate said “That’s crazy, it’s a family event, they won’t let you do that” She foolishly agreed to help me if I could get the project approved, the joke is on her.

She also suggested some better ideas for the project, to bring a bunch of beach trash to the shore, and do interactive sculptures. She did some great ones on a trip we did out to the Norwalk islands once. This is probably what made them accept the project.

I am still hoping for the shock value, and to give some little kids nightmares, but it should be a bunch of fun, however it shakes out.

Because there isn’t much set-up time I need some help. In exchange I promise you a good time, a gourmet lunch, and an after the event booze-up.

See my proposal, and several helping threads here:

I put some posts on the blog above for the things I need help with. Please use the blog comment feature, or if you think blogs are stupid just email me, and I’ll get back to you…

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